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How to resolve Wifi problems in HP 15 r036 laptops

Are you facing the "No Network Found" problems in the wifi section of your laptop even when you are closer to the router ?? If yes, you are at the right place. Wifi problem is one of the most irritating problems for a laptop user. I personally faced this problem a lot many times.
We all are familiar with the quality of HP products. It's a well known company for their best quality products. But the wifi r036 adapter which they are providing in some of the newer laptops does not meet their standard level in terms of its quality. This adapter malfunctions in a very short period of time. So, Here's what you can do if you are the victim of one of these adapters :

  • If your laptop is under warranty, then its well and good. You can ask for the replacement of the wifi adapter from any HP service center nearby.

  • If your laptop is not under warranty, then no need to worry. You can manually remove the adapter from your laptop and replace it from some other compatible models. You can search for the other compatible adapters for your laptops or even you can ask the service center for it.

    Note: Don't experiment installing the uncompatible adapters without any prior knowledge. It may ruin your laptop's configuration.

  • You can consult the youtube video on How to deassemble the HP 15 r036TU model laptops

  • Let me tell you one thing, even if you are replacing your adapter with the new same model adapter, you will not face the above mentioned issues. The problem is only in the adapter which HP is providing.

  • If due to some reasons, you are not able to replace the adapter, then you can purchase an external wifi adapter or you can try experimenting on the below steps:

    • Install "HP Support Assistant". Go to Troubleshooting and check for the wireless adapter problems. It will automatically search and display the problems and will try to resolve it. It almost solves all the problems if the problem is related to drivers or dns. You can download it from HP official site.

    • You can also try disabling and then enabling the adapter by right clicking on your wifi adapter in "the adapter settings" in "Network and sharing Center".

    • You can manually reset "TCP/IP" by typing command "netsh int ip reset reset.txt" in cmd (run cmd by administrator).

    • And if you have no idea what all to reset. Then type in command "netsh int reset all".

What if the problem is with the drivers

This point should be at the top but you can ensure this any time whether you have problem with drivers or not. It may be like you are having problem with your drivers and you are just wasting your time in experimenting with your computer's hardware. So, don't do that because your time is very precious. And, its not only about your time but it's about to save your efforts too.

So, how can you check whether its driver which is causing problems??

There are various softwares available online to check whether you have particular drivers installed or not, you have updated drivers or not. Many times outdated drivers also causes issues for the proper functioning of hardware.
As mentioned above there is a software available which is HP's own "HP Support Assistant", but many times it fails to give suitable drivers.
So, the software which I prefer is the "driver identifier". You can search the Google for it. It's very easy to use and you will get the desired updated driver for each of the hardwares installed in your PC. You just have to sign up with your Google account and your selected driver will be ready to be downloaded. If you don't like this software, there are so many more available on the internet like :
DeviceDoctor, DriverUpdate, DriverBooster (by IOBit).
You can purchase and use these or you can first try their trial versions.

Note: Don't entertain piracy at any cost. Try to purchase a product and then use it.

Thanks !!

Posted by : Ankit Kumar