Submission of Post

Before submission of Post, kindly ensure that you have properly filled and submitted the website joining form from the link provided on our homepage. If not, fill it from Contribute as an Author form . Also make sure that your name (with details) is visible on the author's list. Otherwise, your post will not be displayed on our website. You can check the Contributers list at Our Authors .

Now, the users which are already registered will have to keep following things in their mind before submitting the post:

  • The post should be in '.txt' format.
  • Try to be accurate in terms of English Grammar.
  • Mention your full name alongwith email address in the '.txt' file as well as in the mail area.
  • The post can be related to any fields in the Technology.
  • If you have one or more images with your post, just rename them with simple numbers (i.e 1.jpg, 2.jpeg, etc.) and mention the corresponding numbers into the text file at the place you want the images to be shown.
  • Enter the following in your post:
    1) Title or heading for the post.
    2) Content
    3) Date and time to be mentioned in the post.
    4) Your full name
  • Now, Mail the file alongwith images to or
    And don't forget to mention your full name alongwith the post.

Thank you !!