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Malicious apps installing automatically ?? Remove without resetting device

So, you are irritated by automatic installation of malicious apps in your device and you don't want to reset your device, right?? Well, many times, this type of problem requires a hard reset for your device without restoring the apps you previously made backup of. And, you are quite lazy (like me) to follow all the restting procedures and installing all the precious apps you lost after hard reset. Don't worry !! I have a solution to these problems.

As we all know that Android apps and almost all the mobile functionalities are mostly written in Java language. And Java is the most secured language in the present time. So, Android devices being affected from malwares and viruses are less likely. But, today there are so many malicious apps in the black market that can be installed in your device with just a click. The most popular being 'netalpha', 'power message', etc .

There can be a lot many ways by which your phone can be affected by these unwanted apps. It may be due to:

  • You clicked on some untrusted and unknown ads and they redirect you to some hacking team sites.
  • You visited a less secured site.
  • You are installing apps from untrusted sources (apart from Google Play Store).
  • There can be more possibilities but these are the most common.

I mentioned these reasons just to make you cautious about making these type of mistakes because these type of apps can be proved to be dangerous sometimes for your device. It may steal your personal informations like your banking details, fb passwords, etc.

So, be catious and if you are interested, only click on trusted advertising programs such as Google AdSense, Infolinks.

Now, if you are infected by these malicious apps, then follow the below mentioned steps :

  • First of all, go to your phone settings, click on the security tab. Here, you will find something like "Unknown sources" or it will be mentioning "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources". Just untick or disable this option so that no unwanted app can be installed in your device without your permission.

  • If you are using app lock app, then also lock the installation and uninstallation so that if some malware is trying to install or uninstall some apps, then you will be notified quickly. And, you know this better that which app should be installed and which are not.

  • Now, malicious apps will not be replicated by installing further apps but the pre installed ones can access your private information. So, to stop that access, just got to the security tab in phone settings, there you can find app permissions, just tick or enable it. Now, whenever any app would try to access your phone contacts, your locations, memory card, etc, then it will ask from you to give the permission to access them. And, if the app is unknown to you, just deny it.

  • I know these permissions will bother you sometimes. But, dont worry, its only for some period of time (until you get rid of malicious apps).

  • After doing these, you can manually try to remove the malwares. For this, go to the phone settings and then in 'Apps' tab. This gives you a list of all the apps installed in your device. Here, you can check for some apps which are unknown to you. Some of the malicious apps are 'netalpha', 'power message' and sometimes 'android services'. If you find such type of apps, then click on it, stop its processes and try uninstalling it. If it doesn't uninstalls, then atleast disable it, so that it doesn't interfere in your work.

  • Now, when you have stopped the processes, then the next step is to get a powerful antivirus or malware remover.

  • I would recommend you to install "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware" app. It's the best malware remover. You can get it easily from the Google Play Store.

  • Then, scan the whole system thoroghly. It will take some time to finish (around 1 hour). Be patient !!

  • These steps will definitely work but if in case you still face some of the problems, then I will recommend you to go for the Hard reset of your device

Note: If you are resetting your device, then don't restore your previously backup apps. Because, you don't know which app was creating problems for you.

That's it for this article.
Thanks !!

Posted by : Ankit Kumar